Red Sox news: infernal Massacre – America’s top baseball players rejected the beats and waved their fists

The clashes happened in two US cities at once. Even if you think baseball games are boring and do not understand the rules at all – it does not matter. Fights always arouse interest, and then the healthy guys with bats made a show. Fortunately for the participants, the battles were fists.

Battle in Boston

The 117-year history of the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees has many battles in the literal and figurative sense of the word. Today one more was added. Battle on the fists. The big skirmish was preceded by this incident. In the third inning, Tyler Austin from the Yankees nearly knocked down his opponent, Brock Holt. The conflict was able to repay, but not for long. In the seventh inning, Tyler Austin went to battle against Joe Kelly. Pitcher owners immediately made it clear that the ball will fly to Austin. Kelly failed to hit his opponent the first time. The second attempt was more successful. Austin freaked out, threw the bat and ran to deal with Kelly, and after a few seconds all the other players joined them. Catcher’s hosts Christian Vasquez tried to prevent a fight, but he wasn’t alone in the field. In Boston, until the end of the game, only three people were removed – in addition to Austin and Kelly, New York coach Phil Nevin was hit.

20 kg of cocaine and Hanley Ramirec: Dominican veteran nearly became drug lord

Hanley Ramirec baseball story is a story of rapid rise and gradual fading. And suddenly, when he was almost written off, he returned as the hero of a strange and semi-criminal story, which I will tell about today. The talent of the young Dominican Ramirec was first noticed by Venezuelan scout Levi Ochoa, the representative of the Boston Red Sox. In the minor leagues, the guy beat one record after another – only behind Albert Pujols. Passing by was impossible. Hanley made his debut in MLB back in 2005, when he was 20. This is a fact to understand the historical perspective: the current Red Sox manager Alex Kora was Ramirec’s teammate at the time. At the end of 2005 Ramirec moved to Florida, and it was for Marlins that he showed his full potential already in the first season. Already in his second match Ramirez knocked out 2 home runs per game.

Hanley was a young and hot star: he had both strength and speed. Results of the first season: beating under 300, 51 bases were stolen with 4.4 WAR, the NL Rookie award. After 6 successful seasons for the Marlins in July 2012, our hero went to the Dodgers. But it did not work out there. He returned to the Red Sox, but there the short stop was for some reason banished to the left outfield, where he became the worst LF in MLB in defense. In short, from the high-spirited dynamic short stop there was a bag at first base. Now the entire baseball society choir Hanley retires or goes to Japan. And an unexpected wave of interest in him did not stir up thanks to baseball achievements. Although the reason is also significant: 20 kg of cocaine. That’s how it was.

It all started with an ABC reporter tweet. A car with a lot of drugs was stopped and the driver claimed that everything found in the vehicle belonged to Hanley Ramirec. This happened precisely when Boston had already refused Ramirec’s services and in fact he was not a franchise player. Hanley had to worry. The suspect’s phone had his number, and in the Face Time app, a short conversation.

The Sox claimed that they were unaware of any investigations involving Ramirec and parting with him was made purely in the sports framework. Curious journalists, in the eyes of whom Hanley has already become Escobar in 2018, interpreted this answer as “the best solution for baseball.” Of course, journalists embraced. “Narco-passenger” was stopped on June 6. And from the Red Sox, the Dominican was shoved out from May 25 to June 1. The League did not comment, and Ramirez’s agent said that his client does not know anything and does not understand what is being written in the media. Perhaps the hype would have subsided faster. However, there was an important precedent. In February 2018, former major league player Esteban Mexican Loiza was stopped with 20 kg of cocaine in the trunk of the Nissan. However, Hanley, as it turned out, got into a different story. And he came out unscathed.

The Cocaine Driver was once Hanley’s friend and thought that, hiding behind Ramirez, he could avoid being arrested while transporting fentanyl from New York to Massachusetts. Soon he confessed and declared: Ramirez has nothing to do with this. In court, he testified that he grew up with Ramirez in the Dominican Republic and tried to take advantage of the fame of a stellar baseball player. As is customary in the media, stories about the “Dominican drug lord” were gaining popularity, but after exposing the trick, few people wanted to waste time on the real story. But we in our blog and on the channel do things in a completely different way.

Boston Red Sox news: Red socks at home beat “cunning” in the second match of the World Series

Boston Red Sox – Los Angeles Dodgers – 4: 2. In the second inning after Ian Kinsler’s single Xander Bogarts led the hosts forward. In the 4 inning, David Fries and Manni Machado brought the guests forward already. In the 5 inning after a pitcher error Christian guests Vasquez leveled the score in the match. Then after the single, JD Martinez Mooky Betts and Andrew Benintendi brought the hosts a victory. The start hosts pitcher David Price (1-0) earned 58 strikes. 5 fly outs and grand outs.

Red socks after 5 years again became champions of Major Baseball League

The Boston Red Sox baseball players beat the Los Angeles Dodgers and won the World Series finals of the Major League Baseball (MLB). “Boston” in the fifth match of the series won in Los Angeles, “Dodgers” with a score of 5-1. The overall score of the series to four wins was 4-1 in favor of the Red Sox. “Boston” won the World Series for the ninth time in history, the previous victory is dated 2013. The World Series is a crucial series of MLB games, in which there are winners of the American and National Leagues. “Los Angeles Dodgers” – “Boston Red Sox” 1: 5. In the first inning, Steve Pierce sent Andrew Benintendi into the house with his home run (2), bringing the guests forward. The hosts responded with David Fries. In Mooky’s 6 inning Betts knocked out a home run (1) and increased the advantage of the guests. In the 7 inning, JD Martinez increased his lead from his home game (1). In the 8 inning, Steve Pierce knocked the home run again and put the final Outcome of the meeting. Guest pitcher David Price (2-0) earned 58 strikes, 4 fly-outs and 8 grand outs.

David Fitzdale made a symbolic shot at a baseball game at Yankeed Stadium

New Fitxdale head coach David Fitzdale was honored to make the first symbolic shot in the National Baseball League match between New York and Boston (3-2) at the Yankees Stadium. Fitzdale became the 29th Nix Coach. From 2008 to 2016, he worked as an assistant at the Miami headquarters. In 2016 he headed Memphis, but was dismissed in November last year.

Farm team Red Sox will hold an event in honor of the exchange Kairi Irving

Cleveland and Boston made an exchange with the participation of point guard Kevz Kairi Irving, informs an insider Yahoo! Sports Shams Charania. According to sources, Cleveland should get for the point guard player Ayzeyu Thomas, forward Jay Crowder, center Ante Zizhich and the peak of the first round of the draft-2018, belonging to Brooklyn. In July, it became known that Kairi Irving demanded an exchange from Cleveland. Irving did not use the trade-kicker (salary increase in case of exchange), which is registered in his contract. Ayzeyya Thomas should receive unlimited free agent status in the summer of 2018. Irving’s contract is for another two years. In the summer of 2019, he can use the player option. The first match of the season, Boston and Cleveland will hold each other on October 17.

The Pawtucket baseball team announced that it would host the Kyrie Irving Night event on Thursday in honor of the Celtics recruit Kairi Irving. It is reported that visitors with the names LeBron, Draymond, Steph, Lonzo or Kevin will have to pay a double price for the entrance. “Pawtucket” is a farm team of the Red Sox baseball club from Boston. The developers of NBA 2K18 announced that Cleirland’s point guard Kairi Irving will appear on the cover of the new version of the game. Later, Irving made an exchange request and was eventually sent to Boston less than a month before the release of the simulator. In NBA 2K18, they announced that they would release a new version of the cover, on which the 4-time Star Match participant will appear in the Celtics shirt with the 11th number.